Friday, June 10, 2011

Here thar be dragons...maybe

I am trying to post twice a week, once during the weekdays and once on the weekends. Here's my early weekend post:

Me: Hey Jeremiah, did you know there are DRAGONS in the bible?
Jeremiah: What?!
 Me: What do you mean 'what'--you wrote about it yourself!
Jeremiah: No I didn't.
 Me: "and i will make jerusalem heaps, and a den of dragons"

 Jeremiah:  ...well I didn't mean it literally!
 Jeremiah:'re not going to put dragons in your comic book...are you?
 Me: You want me to take them out...? But it's so boring already. No one would read it.

 Jeremiah: hey!
Me: Sorry...just sayin'. 
 Me: I just think dragons would spice it up a bit.
Jeremiah: Well, I don't think I would like it.

Me: Well, you don't have to like it--
 Me: --you just have to not get eaten by one.
 Jeremiah: Thanks a lot.
 Me: Woooooooo! And GIANTS too!
Me: I wonder if I can fit in the talking donkey!
 Me: Oh wait, that's already been done.
Me: Stupid Shrek!

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