Monday, July 25, 2011


Well, I've penciled 20+ pages. It became apparent that this first prologue issue needed to be expanded to really give the story the epic feel it deserves. Whereas before I had written it at 24 pages in length, it has now become 32, which of course will add 30% more time to each segment of the project...but it will be worth it.

Not only this, but the design work has also become more complicated as I push my limits in every realm: character design, acting, environment design, shape design, lighting...and on and on. In a typical comic book of this quality there would be no less than two professionals doing this work and usually four. Not to mention the small team of part-time editors, graphic designers, and letterers, among other responsibilities.

In short, I'm starting to feel a little thin as I try to balance all of this, but at the same time push my artistic limits in each field.

Quite the challenge, but I'm pleased to report things are looking good...very good.

My current launch date for the comic is Oct 28. Expect blog posts to be less frequent as I battle through the production. By the time I am finished I will have created over 100 unique paintings (panels). I can't wait! I am probably the most excited of anyone to see it complete!

Steady as she goes.

Saturday, July 9, 2011


I penciled the 9th page today. Another week or so and this part of the project will be in the bag. Life got complicated because I broke my foot...don't's not bad. Once it is easier to be up and around I will have a lot of imagery I can share.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

He who hath ears to hear let him hear...

Second installment in the "Conversations with Jeremiah" series. I just do these for fun...they have no real pertinence to the actual comic book.

Me: You have...ears?

 Jeremiah: What?
 Me: I said...oh...
 Me: ...nevermind.

 Jeremiah: What?!
Me: Nothing. I didn't say anything.
 Jeremiah: You keep staring at me!
Me:'s don't have any ears.

 Jeremiah: Yes, I do.
 Jeremiah: They're right here!

 Me: What are you listening to?
Jeremiah: Bee-yon-say?
 Jeremiah: I think she's Egyptian. Dresses like one.
Me: Um...okaaaaaay.
 Me: I have something I want you to listen to!
Jeremiah: Hey!

 Jeremiah: Joy to the "fishies"? Who IS this guy?
Me: Must be a fan of yours, I guess.
 Jeremiah: A fan? I didn't know I had any. He sounds happy, though.
Me: He must have read your book.

 Jeremiah: MY book?
Me: Yah, you know...
 Me:  ...destruction, apostasy, adultery, deceit, murder...
 Me: It's totally the thing in the last days. People dig it. We call it entertainment. Watch it all the time...we just don't like reading it as non-fiction, I guess...
 Jeremiah: And this "entertainment" makes people...happy?
 Jeremiah: Do YOU watch that kind of stuff?
Me: Well..I mean...I the past...maybe...

 Me: Hey...where are you going?
 Jeremiah: To write a sequel.
Me: Oh...good...glad I asked.
 Me: I hope somebody reads this one!
Jeremiah: I heard that!

Me: I need to rethink my life.

Also of note: