Tuesday, July 5, 2011

He who hath ears to hear let him hear...

Second installment in the "Conversations with Jeremiah" series. I just do these for fun...they have no real pertinence to the actual comic book.

Me: You have...ears?

 Jeremiah: What?
 Me: I said...oh...
 Me: ...nevermind.

 Jeremiah: What?!
Me: Nothing. I didn't say anything.
 Jeremiah: You keep staring at me!
Me: Well..it's just...you don't have any ears.

 Jeremiah: Yes, I do.
 Jeremiah: They're right here!

 Me: What are you listening to?
Jeremiah: Bee-yon-say?
 Jeremiah: I think she's Egyptian. Dresses like one.
Me: Um...okaaaaaay.
 Me: I have something I want you to listen to!
Jeremiah: Hey!

 Jeremiah: Joy to the "fishies"? Who IS this guy?
Me: Must be a fan of yours, I guess.
 Jeremiah: A fan? I didn't know I had any. He sounds happy, though.
Me: He must have read your book.

 Jeremiah: MY book?
Me: Yah, you know...
 Me:  ...destruction, apostasy, adultery, deceit, murder...
 Me: It's totally the thing in the last days. People dig it. We call it entertainment. Watch it all the time...we just don't like reading it as non-fiction, I guess...
 Jeremiah: And this "entertainment" makes people...happy?
 Jeremiah: Do YOU watch that kind of stuff?
Me: Well..I mean...I have...in the past...maybe...

 Me: Hey...where are you going?
 Jeremiah: To write a sequel.
Me: Oh...good...glad I asked.
 Me: I hope somebody reads this one!
Jeremiah: I heard that!

Me: I need to rethink my life.

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  1. Nice Mike, highly amusing. Keep on it buddy, you're doing great!