Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Issue #2 - Nephi's First Hunt!

Huzzah! In the last few days I've cranked out about 1/3 of Issue #2. Not only this, but last week I tackled an enormous amount of organizational data. Among other things, I read and incorporated the books of Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, Isaiah, as well as items from Kings and Chronicles, into the storyline. I basically went through about 1/2 of the Hebrew Bible.

From the Dust will be five seasons long (at least) and the first season has about 25 comics in it. In short, the project is really big, but hopefully it will also be *really* good. I take much of my design philosophy from double-stuffed Oreos: extra portions of sweet stuff with just enough structure to hold it all together.


If you haven't read Issue #1, you probably should do so before continuing. Also, if you can't read the images below very well, go here for full-sized versions.

Oh, and my apologies for being late this week. I will try to do better in the future.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Prophets of Old...

Jeremiah blesses Nephi as a kitten.
Most people think of prophets as old guys. History doesn't support this concept. Numerous prophets have been called in middle-age. Others still were called while in their youth.

Jeremiah is one that was called while still young. Daniel, Ezekiel, David, and others--these people were young when they performed much of their work. Why do we insist on giving them big gray beards all the time? In reality most of these people that have interacted with Deity were middle-aged or younger, including Jesus and John the Baptist, and if you're Mormon, let's not forget Joseph Smith. Get with the program people. Being young is cool. People over 30 are boring.

The "laying on of hands" was an established practice for blessing or conferring authority during Biblical times. Moses and numerous other prophets and patriarchs are recorded having done so.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


On a side note I have moved Tuesday posts from 6am to 6pm. This has kept me from being up all night on Mondays which has been quite a blessing. So come back this evening to see another full page of the comic!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Melchizedek Priesthood

Lehi prays fervently for the welfare of his people.
At the beginning of Season 1, we spend ample time getting to know Lehi and his family in their land of inheritance. One of the important events that happens here is Lehi's call to the ministry by Jeremiah -- in other words, his ordination to the priesthood. Lehi's experiences and visions--which are comparable to Moses'--would have merited such a call.

Lehi travels to Jerusalem to be ordained to the Melchizedek priesthood by the hand of Jeremiah. In those days very few people held the authority of the higher priesthood, and fewer still were worthy to wield its power.

This being a pivotal moment in Lehi's life, he chooses to bring his four sons to witness the ordination. The older boys have been to Jerusalem numerous times and have even dwelt there for extended periods to be taught and trained by their father.

Nephi, however, has been sheltered in his family's land of inheritance during his youth. He is experiencing the fallen nation of Judea for the first time. It is a dangerous place. The land is ripe with iniquity, a dark world defiled by the many curses Moses pronounced would follow the breaking of the Covenants.

One morning of the journey Nephi wakes up to find his father missing. Concerned, he searches for his father only to find him in solitude praying for the welfare of his people--and begging Yahweh for strength to live up to his call. It is a tender moment where young Nephi sees the true character and faith of his father. Nephi's true character, however, will remain hidden from his father's view for quite some time.

Come back next Tuesday for my next "best effort" at creating this amazing world! 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wild Beasts

Laman hunts a "wild beast."
The scriptures, both the Bible and Book of Mormon, mention "wild beasts." In reality, these beasts were probably a variety of game indigenous to the area.

But From the Dust isn't reality.

These same "beasts"mentioned in scripture are rarely named or described, and as such, we're taking a little artistic license with them.

But just a little. :)