Friday, February 22, 2013

Fan Friday #2 Winner!

Today's Fan Friday Jackpot is a set of 5 Inspire Series Art Prints. $10 Value!

Congratulations! Our Second Fan Friday winner is Karissa from Utah! Congrats Karissa! We'll contact you and get that in the mail ASAP!

Next Week's Item: A "Hope Whispers" Poster! ($8 value!)

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Multi-Touch Update

Almost done! The Multi-Touch is nearing completion and I wanted to give you a *very* brief overview. I recorded this video like 5 times and couldn't get under 5-6 minutes to show you all the features so I decided just to highlight the biggest features...just know it is PACKED with features including:

(shown in video)
  • multi-touch artwork able to be scaled and manipulated
  • excellent study tools for family scripture study
  • additional content not available in the print version
(not shown in video)
  • glossary
  • robust notetaking/notecards/study/highlight features
  • image galleries
  • quizzes
  • built-in dictionary, wikipedia, and web search
  • Hebrew Learning Edition of Chapter 1: The Last King of Judah
  • and more!

Platform: iPad and iPad Mini.

Cost: $14.99 on Apple's iBookstore.

Release: March 2013

Friday, February 15, 2013

Fan Friday #1!

Today's Fan Friday Jackpot is the "Hope Whispers" Poster. $8 Value Plus Free Shipping!
Congratulations! Our First Fan Friday winner is Herb from Pennsylvania! Congrats Herb! We'll contact you and get that mailed as soon as we get your mailing address!

Next Week's Item: A set of 5 Inspire Series Art Prints! ($10 value!)

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Introducing Fan Friday!

Introducing Fan Fridays! With the launch of our first products, we also wanted to reach out more with our fans. To our continental U.S. fans, while you are signed up for our email newsletter you will be entered to win a weekly drawing for free posters, comics, and fan kits! This week is a "Hope Whispers" Poster! Winners announced each Friday on Facebook.

The Hope Whispers Poster! One lucky winner will get one this Friday! $8 value/free shipping.
WinnerAnnounced on Facebook.
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Updated Website. Also check out the new website which highlights the Multi-Touch Edition!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday, From the Dust!

Happy Birthday! From the Dust's second birthday has me struggling with the flu, trying to balance the launch of multiple new products, new marketing strategies, storage problems, tons of research for grant proposals, taxes, and the increasing reality that I have more than 150 illustrations to create for From the Dust #2: Jerusalem's Darkest Hour. Oh...and all that freelance work I'm behind on...

That is to say, things are well. I knew February would be a tough month. I didn't know I would get the flu...but in retrospect I probably should have scheduled it in. Anyway, I'm on the mend and From the Dust turned 2 years old today.

Faster and slower than expected. As it turns out, pursuing a passion and building a business on it is full of surprises. One of those surprises was the unexpected necessity (and ability) to create the digital Multi-Touch Series of From the Dust simultaneously with the print edition. I've been keeping this project on the down low because I wanted it to be a surprise for all our fans as well! When I started thinking about digital versions back in August of 2011, I assumed that a digital edition would simply be out of the budget for years. However, a year after that in August 2012, while creating a formal business plan, I realized that if I wanted the print edition to be affordable I needed to create the digital edition a lot sooner than I had anticipated. This both slowed down the production of #1 as well as changed its basic design as I needed to brand From the Dust is such a way that it looked great on a tablet and in print.

It's a project easier said than done, especially when that digital edition has the ability to change from landscape mode to portrait mode.

Multi-Touch capabilities. I will announce more about the From the Dust Multi-Touch Series in the future. Just know that it's awesome, uses the latest technology, and is something both young and old are going to enjoy reading - and manipulating - together.

Ok I have to go catch up on all my work, and hopefully get over this blasted flu! Later y'all!