Wednesday, August 28, 2013

It's ALMOST HERE! The first ever Salt Lake Comic Con Sept 5-7! NEXT WEEK!

We're Booth #514 - From the Dust - The Book of Mormon Comic

Join 20,000+ of your nerdy friends for three days of bodacity!


Also, we will be at the Provo Farmer's Market  this Saturday from 9am -2pm. Come by and see all the new Fine Art Prints I'll be selling at Comic Con! New art every week!


Friday, August 16, 2013

Why Spider Comics? Spiders are gross!! Part 2 of 2

My best friend, Matt, studies spiders. He specializes in a common but unique spider called the jumping spider (genus salticidae for you science nerds). He's taught me a lot about this cute little oddball of the arachnid world.

They have style.

When I say cute, I mean it. They're adorable.

Yes those big black things are its real eyes. It sports 6 additional, smaller eyes as well. Their vision is unusually keen for arachnids, and I'm pretty sure it makes them better artists. Just look at their fashion sense:

You don't see that kind of pizazz pulled off very often.

They have honor.

Rather than being gutless sissies that set traps (typical spiders) the jumping spider is a noble warrior that hunts down his prey honorably, and then -- you guessed it -- jumps on them! A dual to the death commences, just like a lion and its prey.

They have strength.

One of the chief characteristics of the jumping spider is his tiny size -barely the size of your fingernail (and that's the big ones). And yet packed in him is remarkable speed, agility, and strength. They set a high standard for their counterparts to compete with.

To sum it up:

In a world full of trap-setting, blood-sucking assassins, jumping spiders are the little guys that fight fair and pack a lot of punch.

As a new addition to the comic book industry, we kind of identified with that.

You see? Not all spiders are gross. 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

From the Dust #1 Multi-Touch Submitted for Approval!

At long last, no more scrolls!

Are you tired of carrying around those huge Isaiah scrolls? Does finding chapter 60 cause a huge mess?  Well, look no further! We've got the world's greatest advancement since papyrus!

Introducing the Multi-Touch version of From the Dust, sporting a beautiful back-lit LED display that makes our high-quality, colorful artwork rival the beauty of Egyptian hieroglyphs - nay, it surpasses it!

Perfect for that scriptorian you love so dearly but that struggles under the weight of 10,000 scrolls.

We're just waiting for approval at Apple's iBookstore, then it will be available in the U.S., Canada, UK, Austrailia, and New Zealand for just $14.99 for over 220 beautiful images.

From the Dust #1: The Last King of Judah is officially on its way to the iBookstore!

Check out these screenshots!