Monday, September 9, 2013

Over 400 books sold @ Salt Lake Comic Con!

We thrashed our sales goals!

I hate worrying about business stuff, but it's necessary if you want to stay in business! We had a goal of 300 books sold and we blew it out of the water! Over 400 sold averaging a book every 3.5 minutes. That's about as fast we could talk!! 

Check out our photos!

Me and my friend Griffin. He runs a dance venue in Provo @ Enliten Bakery & Cafe on Friday nights.

Ronita with Jack! Ronita is good with money. I am not.

The amazing duo - er - trio: Matt, Gollum, and Maria!

Me talking to a crowd of superheroes. We sold an average of a book every 3.5 minutes.

Better picture of the booth coming soon! We had a pro photographer friend drop by and take some.

Yes that is a dinosaur walking down the aisle folks!

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