Tuesday, July 2, 2013

New Website! Finally got it right.

New Website!

I know it must seem like I keep redoing the website rather than finish the Multi-Touch and make issue #2...but...as it turns out I have links in the Multi-Touch to the website. After realizing this, it made sense to just redo the website and then finish the Multi-Touch (which is, by the way, very very close!)

Multi-Touch has just one week left of work!

My guess is the Multi-Touch of #1 is about a week's worth of work from being finished. Unfortunately, I have to finish a client job this week. :\

Preview of new www.BookofMormonComic.com

The good news is I finally got the website "right." It loads and looks beautiful on desktops and mobile devices and is really easy to read and use on both as well. I think it is a step in the right direction!

Please note you can get the first 10 pages of From the Dust #1 as a free PDF download on the website, too!

Website might be a little slow loading

Please note that I'm hosting locally so the download may take a second. I still have to optimize everything so just be patient with it! Hopefully it won't take too long!

Getting antsy for Issue #2

I've had a lot of time to ponder From the Dust #2 and it's going to get a little more story added to it. I know fans have been dying for more than 2 minutes of comics to read (believe me, I am too!). Just remember From the Dust is designed to have a whole team of people creating an issue per month and right now it's just little old me...and I have to run everything else, too! Yuck.

To this end, however, I'm toying with the idea of using all of issue #2 for story and having just one or two pages of educational features in it. Anyway, we'll see! It's just an idea...


  1. I think your idea of using more space for story is a good one Michael. We got a good preview of your format in issue #1 but I think we are all wanting to get a little more immersed in this wonderful quasi-symbolic/historic world you have created. Awesome stuff!!

    1. Thanks Micah! Yeah - it's been tough for me because I've been learning all about business and marketing the last 6 -10 months which, FYI, I never went to school for. It was really apparent to me that if I didn't get "up to speed" in those departments that having product that didn't look good or wasn't sellable for some reason would grind From the Dust to a permanent halt!!! Can you imagine what would happen if I made a single mistake on a cover that prevented people from buying the book?? I would be stuck with a BIG investment that couldn't make a return! It would destroy the project! So I've been working hard to NOT make those mistakes and it's pulled me away from creating the story.

      However, I think, especially with the Multi-Touch coming out soon and this nicer website finally done I have "gotten up to speed" on my marketing etc. I'm confident that I won't be making any big mistakes and small mistakes won't hurt the project to the point that it would prevent it from progressing.

      The good news is we have a LOT of amazing imagery in issue #2 including the babylonian armies pillaging the temple, we meet Lehi and Sariah, and a lot more!

      Thank you, Micah, and every other fan for your patience! Once you see issues #1-5 all together it will make more sense the decisions I made on #1! Promise! Early adopters, just know my decisions aren't arbitrary!!