Wednesday, May 23, 2012


For interested parties, here's a snippet from my morning emails.

I will be spending 1 hour in class each week and 2 hours each week one-on-one with an instructor from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (the same place that defines the rules for Hebrew). In a year's time I imagine I will be the only Hebrew-speaking-cartoon-making-Mormon on the planet. In two year's time, I will be but one of many, I hope.

Interesting fact for the day:

Did you know that Hebrew was not a spoken language 150 years ago? 

It's true! It died as a spoken language a few centuries after the time of Christ. (Coincidentally, it was the same century the Bible was formally organized--4th Century CE). Talk about losing your national identity. It was artificially revived in the 1880s. It has only been in the last 100 years that anyone but Bible scholars knew the language.

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  1. That is an interesting fact about Hebrew, that's why Gibson portrayed Jesus speaking in Aramaic in his film The Passion of the Christ. Good luck with your studies!